Thanks for taking an interest in our research programme.

We are currently conducting research into how fast organisations innovate. Our aim is to benchmark the performance of the innovation pipeline from “lightbulb” (i.e. when the idea occurs) to “live” (implementation is complete and value is being generated).

We are looking for research partners with the following profile:

  • Private sector company
  • Headquartered in Europe
  • More than €100m annual spend on development (typically with the lion’s share on IT).

To collect the necessary data, we will need to conduct a number of short interviews with people in your organisation and also review any data you already have.

Why particpate?

Research partners find participating in this exercise to be valuable for two reasons. Firstly, we share benchmarking information so they can compare their performance to that of others. Secondly, we make specific suggestions for quick wins to improve the speed of the innovation pipeline. We typically follow up with a short presentation to senior management if required.

If you think you might get value from this and would like to know more, please contact Chris Berridge,, +44 (0)7579965785

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